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Copyright: GCU Copyright Policy

GCU Copyright Policy

It is the intent of Georgian Court University to adhere to the provisions of the current copyright laws (Title 17 U.S.C., 90 Stat. 2541 et. Seq., Public Law 94-553) and Congressional Guidelines.

Georgian Court University therefore directs that its employees (including, but not limited to, administrators, faculty and staff) adhere to all provisions of Title 17 of the United States Code, entitled “Copyrights,” and other relative federal legislation and guidelines related to the duplication, retention and use of copyrighted materials.  The university further directs that unlawful copies of copyrighted materials shall not be produced on or used with university-owned equipment, within university-owned facilities, or at university-sponsored events.

Employees making and/or using duplicated copyright materials are expected to be familiar with those sections of the law dealing with fair use and public display, and shall be expected to provide upon request of legal authorities and/or appropriate university personnel the justification under the copyright law for any copies which have been made or used.   Members of the faculty and administration shall not direct any clerical staff (including student assistants or graduate assistants) to make any illegal copies.  Members of the clerical staff (including student assistants or graduate assistants) shall not be forced by anyone to make illegal copies.

At the time of employment, all members of the faculty, administration and clerical staff shall agree to accept responsibility for understanding the requirements of the copyright law as expressed in the copyright information and procedures University personnel who violate any such laws, unless such violation occurs despite reasonable reliance upon advice given by the university, shall be deemed to have acted outside the scope of their authority.

The librarians shall serve as copyright consultants for the university and any questions or problems should be directed to them.  The librarians will consult with a copyright attorney as needed.

Please contact your subject librarian with copyright questions!

Mary Basso (x2427) -  Music, English, Communications, Dance, History/Geography, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies/Theology,  World Languages

Jaimie Donnelly (x2435) - Criminal Justice & Homeland Security, Sociology/Anthropology (includes Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies)

Jeff Donnelly (x2429)  -  Holistic Health/Exercise Science, Computer Science

Barbara Herbert (x2428) - Education, Psychology/Counseling, Social Work, Business, Women's Studies, Disability Studies

Fran Scott (x2425) - Art, Graphic Design, General Reference (including Legal Materials,) Library Science, Leisure Reading/Viewing/Listening

S. Barbara Williams (x2441) - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Nursing


Faculty Copyright Handout/Digital Streaming Procedure

Streaming videos are available via our Discovery catalogStreaming Video Resources page and various LibGuides.   

Videos can not be digitized without a streaming rights license or express written permission of the copyright holder.   Please see your subject librarian for assistance.

If you have created a recording yourself or had a guest speaker taped, the recording may be eligible for digitization on NJVID's "Learning on Demand" module.   See your subject librarian for more information!


Give the call number of the DVD or VHS to the staff at the Library Circulation Desk and they will get the item for you.

Behavioral Sciences/Business Librarian

Barbara Herbert
Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham Library
Georgian Court University
900 Lakewood Ave.
Lakewood, NJ 08701-2697
732-987-2428 (my office)
732-987-2422 (reference desk)

REFERENCE - Fall 2015
Tuesday - 4-9 PM
Wednesday - 10:30-12:30
Thursday - 10:30-12:30
Friday - 9-10:30 and 2-4